2010-03-03 00:32:36 by Neurotangent

Well shit, look at that! Top 5 Weekly with Boltplay. Thank you guys.

2 new songs pretty soon, keep in touch.

New name; getting better.

2009-12-15 21:42:01 by Neurotangent

My former username was EquilibriumComplex, but I requested a name change from Tom after finally settling on the name Neurotangent as the name I would like to keep and take with me on my musical endeavors.

My audio page is not really so much a portfolio of awesome songs that I am offering to the public, but a page that both does and still will represent the growth of myself as a composer/producer as I become gradually more adept at it. I will probably do some pruning of crappy songs in the future, but for now I like in a way that the crap (especially every song from 2008) is there to show just how much better I am now than I used to be, haha.

Anyway, I hope you can find something you enjoy from it along the way.

And finally, thank you for stopping by! It is much appreciated.

Regarding my new stuff

2009-02-15 22:49:52 by Neurotangent

Recently I have been submitting stuff significantly better than my works from 2008, starting with Building the Labyrinth. Today I finished a new song, PotC Wartime Mix, but there were complications and I lost all of the data. Soon I will start it again from scratch; it shouldn't take me as long since I have already done it. So, expect that in the near future.